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Bogart 8 for Standalones Release Notes NEW
Bogart 8 for Windows Release Notes NEW
Bogart 8 for Windows User Manual NEW
Bogart 8 for Windows Quick Start Guide NEW
Bogart 7 (for standalones) Quick Start Guide
Bogart 7.2 (for Windows) Release Notes
Bogart 7 for standalones New Features
Bogart 7.2 (standalones) Release Notes
Effects and Fonts included in Bogart for Windows
Bogart for Windows 7.1 Release Notes
Bogart for Windows 7.1 Install Guide
Bogart for Windows Edition Comparison
Bogart for Windows Installation Video
Bogart for Windows - Files and Transitions Video
BogartSE 6 User Manual (Add on to Bogart 5 manual)
BogartSE 6.1 Release Notes
Bogart 5.5C Release Notes
Render Booster User Manual
Bogart 5 User Manual
Bogart 5.3 Release Notes
Comparison of Bogart Gold and Bogart Silver
Bogart SE 4.5C Release Notes
Bogart SE 4.1 G Release Notes
Bogart SE 4.1 C Release Notes
Bogart SE 4 User Manual (Preliminary)
Bogart SE 3.6C Release Notes
Potential Bogart 4 Features
Hardware Manual (Karat/Topaz)
Hardware Manual (S-3000/S-6000)
Opening the S-2000 and S-4100 Burner Tray When All Else Fails
Opening the S-4000 and Pro Burner Tray When All Else Fails
Hardware Manual (S-2000/4000/4100)
Bogart SE 3.2C Release Notes
Bogart SE 3 Manual Add-on
Bogart SE 2.4C Release Notes
Bogart SE 2.3E Release Notes
Bogart SE 2.3D Release Notes
Bogart SE 2 Quick Start Guide
Bogart SE 2 Release Notes
Bogart SE 2 User Manual (including Media Manager)
Bogart SE 1 User Manual, 1st Ed.
Bogart SE 1.2 Release Notes
SmartEdit 9.1 Release Notes
SmartEdit 9 User Manual (Add-on to the SmartEdi User Manual)
SmartEdit 8 User Manual (Supplement to the SmartEdit 7 User Manual)
SmartEdit 8.3 Release Notes
SmartEdit 8 Release Notes
Standard Definition Editing Benefits of SmartEdit 5, 6, and 7
SmartEdit 7 Quick Start Guide
SmartEdit 7 Release Notes
SmartEdit 7 User Manual (52MB zip file)
SmartEdit 6.2c Release Notes
SmartEdit 6 Quick Start Guide
SmartEdit 6 Release Notes
SmartEdit 6 User Manual
SmartEdit 5 Release Notes
SmartEdit 5 Quickstart Guide
New Features of SmartEdit 5
SmartEdit V5 User Manual, 2nd Ed. (2MB zip file)
Which SmartEdit V5 Don't Work As HDV
What Does V4 SmartEdit Do That V3 Doesn't?
What Does V3 SmartEdit Do That V2 Doesn't?
V4.1d Release Notes
V3.6d Release Notes including Arabesk 2.2
V2.4 Release Notes
V1.10 Release Notes
DVD Firmware Update V1.4 Install Notes for A03 through A10 burners
Windows Kit for the Casablanca User Notes
SmartEdit V4 User Manual, 1st Ed. (1.6MB zip file)
SmartEdit V3 User Manual, 3rd Ed. (1.8MB zip file)
SmartEdit 2 User Manual, 2nd Ed.
Hardware Manual (Claro, Avio, Gymnos, Kron, Prestige, Renommee, Solitaire), 5th Ed.
Echo 4 Pro User Manual
Liberty User Manual
HDV Recorder User Manual
HDV Recorder Release Notes
Lourve User Manual
Claro User Manual
Prestige User Manual
Kron User Manual
Kron DVD Option (User Manual Supplement)
Avio User Manual
Avio DV Option (User Manual Supplement)
Avio DVD Option (User Manual Supplement)
Classic V3 User Manual

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SOFTWARE VERSIONS AND COMPATIBILITY (Current software versions and model compatibility) - HOT!
SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS (What is required to run a particular application) - HOT!
3D Edit for Bogart SE Manual
Akaba New Concept User Manual
Arabesk 1 User Manual
Arabesk 2 User Manual, 2nd Ed.
Arabesk 3 User Manual
Arabesk 4 User Manual
Arabesk 4 AVCHD/Blu-ray Addendum
Arabesk 4 Release Notes
Arabesk 5 User Manual
Arabesk 5.6 Release Notes
Arabesk 6 User Manual
Arabesk 6.3G (standalones) Release Notes NEW
Avio Pro User Manual
Audio Effect Package
Audio Interface User Manual
Bluebox World User Manual
Bonus Pack Notes
BorderX User Notes
Caladan User Manual, 2nd Ed.
Candy Factory User Manual
Card Reader User Manual
CBPaint User Manual [2nd Ed] [22MB zip file]
CBPaint 2 User Manual (57MB)
Chromakey2 User Manual (Classic)
Columbus 1 User Manual
Columbus 2 User Manual
Columbus 3 User Manual
Deluxe Titler 3D User Manual
Disk Transfer User Manual
DVD Firmware Update V1.3a Instructions
Effect Pack 8 Notes
Elastic Dreams User Manual
Ethernet Transfers
Filter Pack User Manual
Galileo User Manual-
Hard Drive Backup User Manual - Bogart (beta)-
Hard Drive Backup User Manual (Pr, K+, Reno)
Magic Lights User Manual
Motion 3D Vol 1&2 Notes
Multi-user V2.1 User Manual
Object Tracer User Notes
Particle Magic User Manual
PC-Link USB User Manual
Photo Studio User Manual
Photo Studio 2 User Manual
Photo Transfer V1.5 User Manual
PiP Studio User Manual
PiP Studio 3D User Manual
PowerKey User Manual
Pro Pack User Manual, Ed. 3
Quick Photo User Manual NEW
Quadcam User Manual
Quadcam Transition Creation
ShuttleTT User Manual
Slivers User Manual
Split-X User Manual
Store N Share Setup Guide & Notes
Surround Effect Package
TitleBax User Manual
Title Effects User Manual
Title Effects 2 User Manual
Title Studio User Manual
Twister User Manual
Video Spicerack User Manual (A, K, P, S)
VME Compact 50 Notes
XPress Maps User Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions (Courtesy MSUS)
Tutorial/Demo Videos
Sub-titling Tips
Chet's Arabesk 3 Tips
Chet's Advanced Audio Tips
Chet's Favorite Tips
Chet's Favorite Photo Studio 2 Tips
Chet's Favorite PowerKey Tips
Chet's Favorite Advanced Titling Tips
The Casablanca and Widescreen Video
Dual Standard Editing of HDV Material on the Casablanca
The Casablanca Commandments (C)
The Avio Commandments
The Kron Commandments
The Prestige Commandments
Formatting Two HDs on the Kron Plus
List of available effects packs and their content
Widescreen (16:9) Processing and the Casablanca
Videos from the Tucson Casablanca Road Show

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The Photographer's Right to Photograph
What's So Great About XDCAM EX?
Camera Technology Basics
Sony XDCAM white paper
Keeping Your Cables from Tangling [11MB .mov file]
Pixel Aspect Ratio, Part 1
Optimum Viewing Distance for a Given Screen Size/Resolution
Discovery HD Channel Technical Specifications for submission
Computing Sony PDW-F330/F350 XDCam HD Time Lapse Collection Times
Optional Sony PDW-F330/F350 XDCam HD Scene File Settings
Sony PDW-F330/F350 User Manual (V2)
A 3.2X Telephoto Adapter For Sony Camcorders
Development of the HDV Format
The BBC High Defintion Guide
HDV and the Sony HVR-ZU1 Camcorder [2.5MB .ppt file]
Extra Features of the HVR-Z1U
Dual Layer DVD-R Technology
DVD-R Authoring vs General Media
Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs
Time-Lapse Videography Using Sony Camcorders
Improvements to the SkyCrane
Angle of View vs Focal Length
A Comparison of the Sony DSR-PD150 and JVC GY-DV5000
Using Close-up Lenses with the PD100 Camcorder

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