Bogart for Windows (all editions) included effects and fonts

  • Bonus Effects (with registration)
  • Transitions: Bars, Circle Wipe, Color Fade, Crossfade, Double Exposure, Field Changer, Gate, Pattern Fade, Picture in Picture, Random Lines, Rectangle Wipe, Scale, Stripe Fade
  • Image-Processing: Binarizer, Color Depth, Color to Grey, Control Color, Control Image, CVBS Filter, Doubler, Dynamic Range, Effects Stack, Fade In, Fade Out, Flip, Lineart, Mirror, Mosaic, Movie mode, Negative, NOP, Out of Focus, Placeholder, Rectangle, Relief, Sharpen, Solarize, Spread, White Balance, Zoom
  • Titling: Fading V-Scroll, Horizontal Scroller, IN/OUT Fading Pages, Moving pages, Pages, Placeholder, Through Fading Pages, V-Scroll
  • New Scene: Black, Color, Colorbars, Countdown, Pattern
  • Video Special: Backwards, Clipboard, Jitter, Quickmotion, Scene->Sample, Slowmotion, Still Scene
  • New Sample Silence, Sine Wave Sound
  • Audio Special: Clipboard, Copy, Mono, Mute, NOP, Swap, Volume, Volume LR, Width
  • Optional Software Bundle - Producer Bundle #3:: Arabesk, Fonts Pack 1-4, Title FX Pack 1, Quick Photo, and Bogart for Windows Gold

    The following fonts are built into each edition of Bogart for Windows: